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66th Infantry Division

5th Infantry Division

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  Alan volunteered for the army and entered on April 8th 1943. He left from Boston, then

nearby Fort Devens.

    Alan was assigned to Camp Blanding, Florida as part of the 66th Infantry Division, 262 Regiment, Company E. The 66th Division  was also trained at Camp Rucker, Alabama and Camp Robinson, Arkansas.

      Alan entered France at Utah beach in Normandy, joining the Third Army, 5th Infantry Division, 10th Infantry Regiment, Company E, in July 1944. At left is part of the Rue de Liberation; at right, are existing trenches of Verdun, where 10th Regiment spent a few nights in Sept. waiting for gas.

Sergeant Alan W. Lowell

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Click on  “PATTON”S ROUTE” for a computer journey that follows the path across France that Alan took with the Fifth Infantry Division of the Third Army during the liberation of France, July-Nov.1944.

    At 16, Alan left Mass., and went to live on a farm in Maine. Later, he also worked on submarines at the Portsmouth Naval Base.

     He and his friends enjoyed dancing on the sun porch of the Maine farmhouse shown right. His favorite song was “In the Mood”.