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        Nancy Rial has a background in the fine arts and library science. She has taught both subjects, and was a library media specialist with the Cambridge Public Schools, specializing in research.

        She has been researching WWII events for the past 10 years and travels between her home in Cambridge, MA and France.

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5th Division Reunions

60th WWII Anniversary at Moselle River, Arnaville France

Society of the 5th Division
St. Avold Cemetery

Visiting St. Avold


French Word -A-Day

For a delightful slice of French life, and to increase your knowledge of the French language, contact:

This cemetery is the closing feature of the

film “Hallowed Grounds”, by WBGH, Boston

American Center France/Lorraine Etats-Unis

    E mail:

Contact this group for historical military, cultural and/or associative exchanges between Metz, and US citizens.

Have some primary objects or old photos of your own and don’t know where to start? Check out the photo doctor (and detective!)  for help at :

For some of the best information about the 5th Infantry Division, contact Keith Short, dedicated historian archivist of the 5th “Red Diamond” Division, US Army at:

Please let him know you found his name here. Thanks!

Amicale du Fort Driant               “Friends of Fort Driant”

            This French group is dedicated to understanding and spreading the knowledge of the history of Fort Driant (the stronghold that dominated much of the Battle of Metz, 1944, and the Moselle River).

            Please contact for exhibition opportunities or visits to Fort Driant.

ALSO: Check their blog on Facebook for previous events and future plans:


Sillegny and the luck seventh,  on  facebook

        This group features re-enactors and original film making of local WWII events. Check out November 2014 events.


Authors Roland Meyer and Jacques Noel, VP and Pres of  Amicale du Fort Driant  have written the “bible” on this fort that is in their backyard. It is written in French- but the photos are all in english!

Contact Pascal Morrietti for information about the Moselle River Association, Thionville, Fr  at:  mrtp<