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Other  Books of  WWII  Letters for Adults


        a memoir by Richard Leitman with Michael Hollander

                  “A soldiers WWII love letters to his wife and his son’s quest for healing”

     This is a documentary of the author’s journey to find the truth about his father and at the same time, to find pieces of himself which lay hidden...It records Leitman’s search by reading his father’s letters and speaking to him through his own; letting his sorrow, fear, joy anger...flow freely from him onto the paper.


Dear Sergeant Honey

            Ceil Stetson, editor with letters by Hildegarde Molnar Scott

        Wonderfully fat book full of detailed letters written by a very lively WAC during WWII. Hildegarde’s personality flies off the pages and we get a good look at how some women were able to contribute to the war effort. One of the most fascinating parts of the book for me was when Hilde was sent to Europe, and was moved further across France. Her offices were moved along the same path several weeks behind the path liberated by Alan and his 5th Division comrades, as described in ALAN’S LETTERS. Fascinating to see how the pieces of a puzzle fit together.


Check out his website at: www.dear-roz.comhttp://www.dear-roz.com

Her website is:

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Military Writers Society of America

       For pages of suggestions for military related books of all types- detectives, fiction, non-fiction, etc, see this website. All books are reviewed, and give helpful summaries. 

                                                                            Their website is: