To travel across France with the 5th Division, follow along the trail described to the left.

    You should be able to see where Alan spent the last months of his life. You can “play” the entire tour from beginning to end, or you can stop at any spot along the route, and explore that area.   

     You are especially encouraged to take a look at the photographs that others have contributed to visually describe the now historic areas. 

    Even today many markers (such as those pictured on the margins) show the liberation route of the Red Diamond Division-always in the forefront across France in ‘44.


World War II: Patton’s Route Across France

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Alan’s Journey across France with the Third Army:

   The Liberation of France July-November, 1944

If you have trouble interacting with the journey above, first download Google Earth (free from Google at, then open up the AlansLetters.kmz file which should appear in your download menu.  I will email you the original kmz file if you have problems opening this.